Welcome to the Actify Publisher download page. Use the link below to download Actify Publisher 3.4.

Download Actify Publisher

Note: To install Publisher 3.4 you MUST have Publisher 3.3 already installed and licensed. If you are upgrading from a pre 3.3 version of Publisher, you must first install Publisher 3.3 from here.

Activate Actify Publisher

If you are upgrading from Publisher 3.3, a new license file is required for Publisher 3.4 to work. Please contact your reseller or Actify at sales@actify.com to obtain the license.

The Publisher 3.4 Update Procedure can be found HERE.

Important Information on Publisher 3.4

  • When the update is installed, a temporary license is also installed for the new publishing engine. The temporary license is only good until 1 January, 2011.Customers should request a license file update from their reseller or sales@actify.com before this expiration date.
  • Please note that the .3D files created using Publisher 3.4 can only be loaded on SpinFire 9.0 and above. It cannot be loaded into previous versions of SpinFire Professional or SpinFire Reader.Click HERE to download SpinFire 9.0. Without a license file, SpinFire 9.0 automatically runs in SpinFire Reader mode.