Here you will find the latest Plug-in downloads for Version 10.4. With this you can install or update individual Plug-Ins if needed

The installation of a single Plug-in must be called with an additional parameter.

  • {0} replace with the number 1
  • {1} replace with the path for example c:Program Files (x86)ActifySpinFire10.0kernel

(see “Install Parameters:” of the single Plug-in) Example call to single install InstWeightCalculator Plug-in: [selectable_code rows="3" cols="80"]InstWeightCalculator_xxxx_x.exe /s /instance=1 "/V /qn INSTALLDIR="C:Program FilesActifySpinFire10.0kernel""[/selectable_code] [plugins_download_table version=”spinfire104″ role=”release”]