Customers of SpinFire Professional can reinstall the build for which they are licensed. Select the appropriate build and importers below. If your maintenance has expired, you will not have access to importers with build dates later than the expiration date of your maintenance. Click here for directions to determine when your maintenance expires.

SpinFire Professional 8.4 Download File
Re-install (8.4) English – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) French – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) German – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) Italian – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) Japanese – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) Korean – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) Traditional Chinese – Build 1347

Re-install (8.4) Simplified Chinese – Build 1347

CAD Importer Download File

3D Studio


**AutoCAD® 2004 – 2008 (DXF/DWG/DWF, SAT)

**Autodesk Inventor®



**CATIA V5 2D & 3D


**I-DEAS Native®











Solid Edge®





**Unigraphics® 2D & 3D




** The latest build of the following importers can only be used with SpinFire Professional 8.4 or higher and Publisher 3.0 or higher.

Plug-in Downloads for SpinFire Professional 8.4 Only

The Plug-in Manager allows you to install and manage plug-ins as a group. No longer do you have to download and install each plug-in separately. The utility allows you to install one, some or all plug-ins.

Download Plug-in Manager

    • Exploded Assembly Plug-in:The exploded assembly plug-in simplifies and speeds up the process of moving parts or sub-assemblies. The parts can be moved using one of three options: Linear, Radial, or Spherical.
    • Minimum Distance Plug-in: Minimum Distance plug-in computes and displays the minimum distance between the selected entities. The selection could be between sub assemblies, parts and sets of surfaces. Thus allowing you to find absolute minimums and local minimums.
    • Model Compare Plug-in: Visually compare two models and display the material that has been added or removed (Model Compare Release Notes)
    • STL Export Plug-in: Easily export CAD files as STL files for use in other applications
    • DesignSharePlug-in: The DesignShare Plug-In allows SpinFire Professional to open files stored on a Windows
      SharePoint Services server. This plug-in is especially useful for organizations that use
      Actify DesignShare (which runs on a SharePoint server).
    • CADDS Plug-in: Some customers have systems that create or manage CADDS files that don’t have a file extension. This plug-in allows a user to open these files without having to modify the name of the file
    • Cross-Section Plus Plug-in: The Cross Section Plus plug-in allows users to calculate the surface area and length of the perimeter for a collection of cross sections. The plug-in works with the cross section plane.
    • Automated Part List Plug-in:The Automatic Part List plug-in provides uers an easy and quick method for listing all the subassemblies and parts that make an assembly.
    • Automated Part ID Plug-in: To increase productivity and reduce introduction of errors the Automatic Part ID plug-in was developed to add part information markup to each part in the assembly. For example if a user wants to add the part name to each part in the assembly today they have to type in the name manually. This is prone to typographical errors and is very time consuming. The Automatic Part ID plug-in automates this process.
    • **Draft Angle Analysis Plug-in: The Draft Angle Analysis Plug-in allows the user to specify one or more parts in an assembly, and ask for visual feedback on what level of draft angle has been applied to these surfaces when compared to a “pull direction”.

**Note: The Draft Angle Analysis Plug-in is the only Actify Plug-in that is NOT free. If you would like to know more about this plug-in or if you would like to purchase it,
please contact your local Actify Reseller or send an email to

Learn how you can create your own plug-in applications to leverage functions and technology within SpinFire Professional.