With SpinFire everyone in your organization can access or use design information contained in secure 3D CAD files – plus any associated documents deemed necessary – as part of their normal working day!

Actify’s award winning SpinFire™ technology makes it possible to reuse and repurpose data from expensive proprietary applications across various organizations both internally and externally in a variety of valuable ways.

SpinFire products use native CAD files representing both 2D and 3D versions of data. SpinFire is able to distill this data into a very compact, lightweight form called .3D that can be used for viewing, measuring, markup and other interrogative functions .

SpinFire can accommodate both larger and smaller organizations – one to five people or hundreds of seats. It’s a great solution for a variety of different use models from product data visualization and supply chain collaboration to intellectual property management and product innovation management.

Electronically organize multiple documents of related design data within one secure file

Actify’s .3D WorkSpace feature allows you to gather and save all related design documentation – like technical specs, bill of materials, 2D drawings and 3D models – into one .3D file. The .3D WorkSpace feature enables you to bring together multiple document types; easily switch between document types; and hyperlink across documents within a single .3D file.

Create a virtual prototype from multiple CAD files to shorten the design cycle and reduce production costs

Parts of a complete assembly are often created in several different CAD systems. SpinFire allows you to bring together an assembly of parts created in multiple CAD programs to digitally mock-up a complete design. This digital assembly gives you the ability to avoid costly design flaws and identify design improvements before a physical prototype is created.

Access all part information and data without the original CAD data

SpinFire is not just a viewer. All part data is accurately maintained when the original CAD data is published into Actify’s compressed, secure .3D format. You can compute volume and surface area and measure thickness and angles. Most importantly, anyone with access can open and view all data as well as mark-ups on the data using SpinFire Professional or our free SpinFire™ Reader.

Distribute and collaborate on design data easily and accurately

Whether you need to collaborate on the design of a 3D model with a colleague, confirm the dimension from a 2D file, or callout measurement markups to a supplier, SpinFire gives you the flexibility to distribute design data easily and accurately. Anyone throughout the enterprise and supply chain – regardless of their access to a CAD system or their level of CAD software knowledge – can share product designs to collaborate and communicate feedback.

Realize cost savings and productivity gains across the manufacturing lifecycle

SpinFire can aid in your productivity, as well as your bottom line. Create quick and accurate quotes and reduce CAD software expenses and scrap by performing quality inspections with shop floor access of the 3D designs.