Actify’s technologies and solutions help companies successfully meet the geographical, economical, and global challenges of doing business in the 21st century. Unlike traditional business intelligence applications, we understand product data and how to give insight into the operational questions facing today’s modern manufacturers, including the engineering perspective. From viewing to smart catalogs, from publishing to data exploration, we can help.



ActifInsight – Manufacturers today have a wealth of data at their disposal, but seldom are they able to gain insight from those assets because today’s business intelligence solutions do not understand product data. Moreover, traditional BI approaches are geared for solving entirely different problems such as sales forecasting and financial performance monitoring.

Our ActifInsight product data intelligence solution uses proprietary product data analysis technologies combined with innovative data discovery components to deliver an agile, adaptive, innovative approach to providing insight from the engineering or manufacturing operations perspective. It has to be experienced to be appreciated –ask us for a tour.


Centro – Organizations that have advanced requirements for viewing where large volumes of data are involved, where integration of the process of creating viewable data to a PDM, PLM, or ECM system are needed, or where batch or automated publishing are required need server-side capabilities to handle the processing. Actify created Centro to serve these customers, and has added capabilities such as Smart Catalog using shape recognition technology to the Centro platform.

Centro can convert virtually any CAD or standard data format such as STEP or JT to any other format; it can publish SpinFire data to 3DPDF templates or to a web viewable format. It has integration API’s for linking to any corporate data resource, and can be controlled by another application for triggering of process or jobs. Creating a Smart Catalog gives the organization an easy way to find the data they need to support their role. Find out how Centro can address your viewing and publishing needs here.


SpinFire Professional – Gaining insight from your product data at a fundamental level means being able to see the design, to have the ability to analyze that data, and then to communicate what the data is telling you to others. Actify’s SpinFire product is the leading product data viewing solution in the market. It provides a myriad of capabilities, including importing native CAD data without translators, full manipulation of the viewing space, measurements, sectioning, creating new views, changing appearances such as colors and use of transparency, and adding labels and dimensions. Once fully evaluated, the results can be published to the web for viewing, distributed with a free reader, or published as a 3DPDF to be consumed with the ubiquitous Adobe Reader. See how easy SpinFire is to use and deploy – download here.