Select Language

Select the desired language from the pulldown and select OK

Start Installation

Select Next to start the install process.

Review the license agreement, select the License Agreement and then Next

New to the SpinFire 9.0 is the ability to install SpinFire without administrative priveleges.  If you don’t have administrative priveleges, the All users of this computer option will be grayed out.  If you install this just for yourseff, an adminstrator can still install it for all users at a later time.

Select the type of access and then Next

The next screen provides three options to install the software, Standard, Custom and Viewer only.

  • Standard – Installs the most popular importers and plug-ins
    • Importers: AutoCAD, Catia V4, Catia V5, IGES, NX, ProE, STEP
    • Plug-ins: Automated Excel, Automated Part ID, Automated Part List, Cross Section Plus, Exploded Assembly, Minimum Distance, Model Compare, STL Exporter
  • Custom – The default selections are the same as Standard.  If you want the Office platform installed, you would use this option.
  • Viewer only – Only installs the viewer with no importers or plug-ins.

After making your selection for feature install option, select Next to continue.

If you selected the Custom install option, you are presented with a dialog that allows you to select which features to install.  A  means the feature will not be installed and a  means the feature will be installed.

The Custom option is the only way to get Office platform installed.

To quickly select or deselct all importers select  next to Importers.  From the pulldown select Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive

Select the features you would like intalled and select Next.

The next screen confirms the space requirements and the location of the install.

Select Next to continue.

The install now copies the necessary files to your hard drive and configures the software.

Select the Run Actify SpinFire 9.0 option if you want to run SpinFire when you finsih the install.

Select Finish to complete the install.