Aktivering av SpinFire Pro

Ni behöver licensnummer = seat ID.
Starta SpinFire Pro
Se vänster sida “OPTIONS” gå till “ACTIVATION” .
(variant: meny TOOLS > Activation)
Bilden nedan visar aktuell sida.
Aktivering kan göras på denna sida ONLINE. 
Fyll i seat ID (översta raden) och tryck på Activate Online.
Om allt ok så gratuleras ni.
Ni hamnar nu på en ny sida där ni ombedes registrera er.
Registrering är ej obligatorisk och kan avbrytas
(avsluta > gå till annan flik/mapp) 
eftersom ni redan registrerat er i tidigare aktivitet ovan dvs Spinfire Pro 8.4 update REGISTRATION.


Activation sida i Spinfire – t ex har nedan licens avtal till 31 dec. 2010.


(instruktioner för flytande licens med FlexLM på server eller nätverks-PC….läs mer…)


Steg 2
Nu är det klart att börja användas….men… uppdatera era IMPORTERS.
De med röd download text kan uppdateras.
Vissa är ACTIVE andra TRIAL pga att ACTIVE är de som ingår i er licens.
Kör download på de med röd text.
I importer listan finns OPTIONS till höger.
Öppna detta (olika för varje sort) och ändra inställningar
om det uppstår problem någon gång när ni ska öppna cad-filer.
Lycka till!



Mer info (extra support information – questions?)
8.4 update NOTE – read = more understanding what to do????
Question: I’ve installed SpinFire 8.4. Now what?
I’ve upgraded to SpinFire 8.4. 
Are there any instructions on how to activate and use the product?
First of all, let’s make sure that you know the difference between 8.3 and 8.4.
* SpinFire Professional 8.3 is now updated and called SpinFire 8.4
* Prior to 8.4, Actify had three separate desktop products:
– Reader: downloadable for free and only works in IE
– SpinFire Professional: Actify’s flagship desktop product that requires licensing
– SpinFire for Microsoft Office: SpinFire running as an ActiveX control within 
Office. Also requires separate licensing.

8.4 is a single product that encompasses all three 8.3 products in one. 
What this means is that you can run SpinFire 8.4 in a browser, as a desktop app 
or as an ActiveX control in Office, all running in the same mode or what we call 
platforms and have exactly the same UI. The only difference is what functions 
will be active based on the license obtained. The 4 platforms are basically the 
types of license you’ll need to purchase to get SpinFire 8.4 to work:
– Reader: This is the only platform where you don’t need to pay, but you’ll still 
need to obtain a license. Once activated with a Reader license, SpinFire 8.4 will 
run with limited capabilities similar to 8.3 Reader except with the full SpinFire UI. 
Now you get the full SpinFire UI, even within IE, the Office dialog and the 
embedded object. The initial version of 8.4 has a bug with loading .3D in IE. 
Check this issue for work-around – 
http://support.actify.com/issue_view.asp?ID=3381. And just like the old Reader, 
SpinFire 8.4 with this license can only read and write .3D file.
Spinfire Markup and Lite are new products with functionality between free 
READER and Professional. Most Scandinavia/Nordic EU users have
Professional and free READER.
– Markup: Similar to Reader but with a few additional dimensioning capabilities.
– Lite: Pro functionalities, minus importing and the ability to use plug-ins
– Professional: Full SpinFire functionalities. What Importers and/or plug-ins will 
work depends on what is actually purchased. Draft Angle Analysis is, at the 
present time (September 2009), the only plug-in that needs to be purchased; all 
others are free for use with the Pro license.

* You can upgrade 8.4 over 8.3 without uninstalling whatever Actify products is 
already there. The only exception is 8.4 does not work correctly with Publisher, 
yet. It is NOT recommended to install 8.4 on a system where Publisher is 
installed(same computer).

* Limited testing has been done on Vista and 64-bit systems. For the most part, 
the product does work on either system, though there are reported bugs 
specifically on Vista. SpinFire 8.4 is a 32-bit app and will run in 32-bit mode on 
64-bit systems.

* Licensing
Whatever license you had when using 8.3 or earlier will need to be upgraded to 
work with 8.4. We needed to modify our licensing to support the 4 platforms. 
Please contact your reseller or Actify sales rep to request an update to your 
license. If your seat is a floating seat, you will need to update both the Seat 
ID/license file as well as the floating license file (sfpflv2.dat). This means you’ll 
need to update the floating license server with the new sfpflv2.dat file before 
you can activate the updated 8.4 installs.

You can activate SpinFire 8.4 through any of the three apps: Browser, Desktop 
or Office, though it may be easier to activate using SpinFire Desktop.

* Office
With 8.3 we also offered a product called SpinFire for Microsoft Office (SFO) 
that allowed users to embed .3D files into Word, Excel or Powerpoint and it 
required a separate license. In 8.4 the Office capability comes for free. It run in 
whatever platform that Desktop is licensed for. The SpinFire Office functionality 
is found under Insert in 2003 and Add-Ins in 2007. Keep in mind that this is first 
version of a single SpinFire product, so it’s likely you may encounter some bugs 
especially when running in Office. If so, we would appreciate it if you could 
report the bugs to http://support.actify.com/. ** KNOWN BUG – 8.4 Office does 
not work on Vista.

* Plug-ins
Plug-ins have been verified to work with 8.4. The only issue would be with Draft 
Angle Analysis (DAA). As this is a purchased feature, it needs to be included 
in the license. If you upgrade and currently have DAA, please make sure to 
remind your reseller or Actify sales rep to include DAA in the updated license.

* .3D files
There is no format change in .3D between 8.3 and 8.4. This means that .3D files 
created using 8.2, 8.3 or 8.4 can be read using any one of the aforementioned 
SpinFire versions.

Fixa problem enkelt?
Starta om = löser vissa problem snabbt och enkelt.
I vissa fall behövs en omstarta av program och 
om det ej hjälper så starta om datorn. 
En omstart släpper ev låsningar, hjälper brandväggen,
aktiverar datorns ID och licens kontroll.
Kontakta oss eller er kontaktperson om problem kvartstår.